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When you are into business and got a website but do not know how to convert the traffic to your site, you would then check out the SEO. The SEO blog may be onsite or outsourced but their main focus would be to optimise the visits and get higher ranking for your site. This all depends on many factors such as

  • keyword
  • keyword density
  • high commercial intent search phrases
  • keyword popularity

When you understand these thoroughly you will able to figure out how to direct traffic to your site and rank higher than your competitors.

SEO News

Keyword popularity

Even if you have a very good ranking probably in the top three in the search engine but you never get any searches in a month, then the whole idea is bombed. You have to get together words that most searched and words that have gained notoriety as trends of using usual or common words or ones that were used earlier have come back to the fore, have to be all checked into.

Researching keyword information

There are many SEO blog tools available on the internet which will guide you because having only good content or not knowing the best keyword to use. Even knowing the keyword but not knowing how to optimise it for your website are crucial impediments in getting the ranking for your site.

The tools that are used are

Google Adwords external

  • Advertiser competition
  • Local and monthly search volume
  • Keyword density

Keyword density tool

It should be known that you should be aware of the number of times a keyword is used in the post more than three times is too much, there is actually a ratio that is calculated by the search engine wherein it checks that if your website contains more 3-5% of keywords then your blacklisted.

It is better if you write your articles in such a way that you frequently just squeeze in your keywords so that you more number of searches, it’s utterly useless as the search engines can find out your trickery.

It is better to limit the number of keywords used to if you have more than one say three then the focus of the searches may shift and you wouldn’t be able to optimise your keyword searches to your site. So the use of one keyword per post is useful to garner attention provided you would have used the one that is of high commercial intent and search specific.